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Josh’s Daily Thoughts

I have been part of a certain team for almost 1.5 years. There are a few members that seem to have knack for negativity and pessimism. They blatantly blame failures on others and are fixated on past mishaps. I’ve learned that one’s attitude and behavior is often contagious to those they spend the most time with. As someone spends time with negativity, they can expect to become what they are constantly consuming.

Happily, I will say that the same principle applies for those that are optimistic and I’d say opportunistic. Spending time with those that are constantly exhibiting a positive attitude, releases stress and anxiety from ourselves.

Someone in my life who is consistently contaminating me with the goodness of positivity is my wife, Hailee. I’m convinced she is an angel in disguise and a great blessing to me.

I hope that each of you will find and surround yourself with what I would call “positivity spreaders”.


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