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Josh’s Daily Thoughts

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wow, this is something that I often struggle with. Personally, I am always setting goals and imagining life when I have achieved what I previously desired. Once accomplished, I will inevitable find something else that makes me feel unsatisfied. I think I focus much more on the destination instead of the journey and process of getting to that desination.

Goals and focusing on destinations can be beneficial for progress, but can also take away from our daily joys and victories. What are some of the ways that you enjoy the present journey you are on? I need to work on it.


3 thoughts on “Josh’s Daily Thoughts

  1. Beautiful thoughts! It’s taken me YEARS to learn to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Would you believe I broke routine and am sitting down writing this when I should’ve been on my treadmill or writing at my stand-up desk? I’m giving myself grace today because some of my health issues are causing a bit of struggle. But I’m ok with that! I’m a goal-setter. I’m self-disciplined. I have to be. I write weekly goals and even daily lists at times. At almost 52 after broken relationships, near-death experiences, and being an empty nester, I’ve truly learned to stop, breathe, and give thanks. I begin each day with devotion reading, deep breathing, stretching, and just counting my blessings. Not to sound too Polyannish, because there was a time I didn’t want to go on. But for God. I try to find wonder in the simplest of things. And nature is my sanctuary. Keep on keeping on my friend!!!

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