Josh’s Daily Thoughts

I recently had a conversation with a man about the type of music people listen to nowadays. I’ve been wondering what kind of role models we want our children to admire… does that have a lot to do with the music and media we consume?

I believe that the music and media that we consume influences our thoughts. If we aren’t careful, then it can influence our words and then our actions. I’m trying to listen to more uplifting and positive music that promotes healthy habits and kindness to all.

5 thoughts on “Josh’s Daily Thoughts

  1. I have two teenagers and I’m amazed at how varied and flexible their music tastes are. They don’t have top 40 radio stations to tell them what’s cool, so they experiment with all kinds of music. It feels to me like right now is a bit of a musical Renaissance. Then again, it could simply be my kids 🤷‍♀️

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  2. Music is influence!Certain of a trained computer that paste anything we feed on.

    Cautiously, I choose quality melodies with positive influence in my life over negative,since it triggers life,goals and dreams.

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