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My Story

Hi Everyone! I’m Josh.

My whole life I have really enjoyed the outdoors and the time spent there. I feel that it offers a peaceful and calming escape from our day to day worries and fears. In crazy times like these, I hope to show others that there are many things to brighten their days. Each day, I feel that a picture with a story can bring positivity to a life that may seem pretty dismal at times.

I will be sharing posts about nature and the outdoors, especially the wonderful landscapes around us. Everywhere we go, there is positivity that can be found. My hope in blogging to share convey this to those who I engage with.

My wife is a great supporter of mine. Family is extremely important to me.
Again, I enjoy spending time with family. This is a picture of my dad and his two brothers. One our favorite places to fish is on the Madison River near Yellowstone National Park.
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