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Day 90: Early cowslips and a feather Cowslips: Taken with my Nikon Z50 16 -55 lens I went for a walk today to our local shopping outlet. It’s just on the edge of town about a mile and … Day 90: Early cowslips and a feather

Josh’s Daily Thoughts

Moving on from something you love can be extremely difficult. I have been playing basketball competitively for a long time but the days are coming to a close. I am now faced with finding new passions and changing to lifestyle habits that I aren’t completely used to. When change comes to us, it is reallyContinue reading “Josh’s Daily Thoughts”

Josh’s Daily Thoughts

I have been part of a certain team for almost 1.5 years. There are a few members that seem to have knack for negativity and pessimism. They blatantly blame failures on others and are fixated on past mishaps. I’ve learned that one’s attitude and behavior is often contagious to those they spend the most timeContinue reading “Josh’s Daily Thoughts”

Luminous downtown Boston

An amazing post that shows the skyline of Boston, Massachusetts Luminous downtown Boston I’ve been thinking much about emotional contagion and the concept that our emotions and behaviors are often infectious. With the ongoing pandemic, I’m left pondering about what the world would be like if we treated happiness like a virus that we allContinue reading “Luminous downtown Boston”