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Day 90: Early cowslips and a feather Cowslips: Taken with my Nikon Z50 16 -55 lens I went for a walk today to our local shopping outlet. It’s just on the edge of town about a mile and … Day 90: Early cowslips and a feather

Josh’s Daily Thoughts

I recently had a conversation with a man about the type of music people listen to nowadays. I’ve been wondering what kind of role models we want our children to admire… does that have a lot to do with the music and media we consume? I believe that the music and media that we consumeContinue reading “Josh’s Daily Thoughts”

59 Best Songs about Travel and Adventure

Originally posted by: In this article, we list our top 59 favorite songs about travel and adventure, with the option to listen to them on a Spotify playlist. As full-time … 59 Best Songs about Travel and Adventure

Breaking Free

Originally posted by: My thoughts on this are that reading unlocks knowledge that makes us much better. This is what was mentioned on the post – Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. One of the things I’ve been reading a lot of is self-help pieces.Continue reading “Breaking Free”

Golden Hour / Blue Hour

Original Post by: I really enjoyed this post from Jason… Getting out and shooting mediocre photos is much more fun that staying home in my opinion. So with that thought in my head, I went hiking yesterday. … Golden Hour / Blue Hour

Time For Another Cherry Blossom Festival in 2022

Originally posted by A very cool picture of these blossoms👌 Spring rolls around in a few weeks and there are so many beautiful locations to visit around Vancouver during the spring that showcase the beauty of … Time For Another Cherry Blossom Festival in 2022