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Day 90: Early cowslips and a feather Cowslips: Taken with my Nikon Z50 16 -55 lens I went for a walk today to our local shopping outlet. It’s just on the edge of town about a mile and … Day 90: Early cowslips and a feather

Josh’s Daily Thoughts

Moving on from something you love can be extremely difficult. I have been playing basketball competitively for a long time but the days are coming to a close. I am now faced with finding new passions and changing to lifestyle habits that I aren’t completely used to. When change comes to us, it is reallyContinue reading “Josh’s Daily Thoughts”

Josh’s Daily Thoughts

Today I came across another quote about preparation and success. Tony Robbins once said, “The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck”. Luck is an interesting topic and I feel that many people attribute their success or failure on this often elusive ideal. I am a strong believer that those whomContinue reading “Josh’s Daily Thoughts”

Josh’s Daily Thoughts

Hey everyone! I’d like to expand my blogging experience into something more personable and applicable to others. I’m going to start sharing some more of my ideas and feelings each day:) For those of you who don’t know, I am a college student and will be finishing my degree soon in Business Administration. Currently, IContinue reading “Josh’s Daily Thoughts”

A Different Light

Perhaps still buzzing gently from the wonder of yesterday, I am out of bed while it is still inky dark in order to spend time with the sunrise. There… A Different Light I really enjoyed this blog post. It is really interesting how our perspective changes when we see things in a different light. Sometimes,Continue reading “A Different Light”